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    To exercise or not to exercise? That is the question!

    I’ve always felt the need to exercise. Not necessarily because I want to, but because I ought to. At least, that’s the message that we are constantly being fed by experts and the media.  We are always being reminded of the importance of looking after ourselves and keeping fit.  We are told of the benefits of exercise not only to our physical state, but our emotional and and mental well-being. I have always known how important exercise is for our health, but it was only this summer that I really, fully appreciated it. Feeling depressed. I suffer with Endometriosis and I…

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  • Health and Well-Being

    Let’s just go with the flow!

    I’ve not posted on here for a while.  This isn’t good when I’m trying to get a blog up and running!  But I’ve been questioning myself… What’s it all about?  Where am I going with this? What the bloody hell…

  • Teenage Troubles

    Son, Apps and Tantrums-My daily battles!

    Dealing with my son and his apps plus all the other technology that he has, is a daily battle.  Now I hold my hands up – as you will already have seen, I am technically challenged.  I do not understand all…