About me

Well hello there!

I’m Sarah, a 40 something mother to a 15 year old son and 13 year old daughter, wife to hubby and mummy to 3 year old staffie and 8 year old kitty!

I’m eager to please and desperate to get things right, especially when it comes to bringing up our children!

But do you ever feel like you’re not only talking a different language to your kids, but an alien one?

I sometimes think that I am an alien sent down from Planet Mum to Earth – dumped in at the deep end and told to just get on with it! My children certainly look at me as if I’m from another planet – so maybe it’s true?

I have always strove for perfection and aimed to ‘do the right thing’, but when it comes to having teenagers – sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

As new mums we are given lots of advice from so-called experts and the support that is available online is endless!  Yet when our children reach those daunting teenage years, the support, in my mind, just disappears!  Are we supposed to be experts by this point?  Hmmpph!  I can tell you right now that I need more help now than I ever did!  And that is why I have created this blog.

We all need reassurance that we are doing okay – that the clean shirt we threw out of our son’s window onto the conservatory roof out of anger is normal!  It’s okay to feel like we are losing it, as long as we don’t feel like we are alone.

Setting up this website is all very new and scary to me though, as saying that I am technically challenged is an understatement!  And Social Media?  Don’t even go there!  I still get confused which bit I press on my phone to take a selfie, so starting out on the likes of Twitter and Instagram has been an experience!  Good job I have a couple of teenagers to help me hey? 🤣

So this is me and I’m On Planet Mum to share stories, tears, laughter and life in general.  I hope you can join me.